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Monday, October 15, 2012
Despite most people being bummed out that the summer season is over, fall is also a pretty awesome time of year. Sure the weather is getting cooler, but the warm days and cooler nights are somewhat refreshing. It is also a great time of year to go outside and appreciate the beauty of all the trees changing colors. Shopaholic Mommy recently blogged about the beauty of fall, and also how it is a great time to take some great family photos. This time of year offers an amazing backdrop for pictures and I agree that you should seize the opportunity. Even if you are a novice with the camera go and check out Shopaholic Mommy's post and pick up some pointers. You could end up taking a good enough picture to use this year on your family's Christmas card.

Read the photography tips here: Fall Foliage Photography

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If you would like to spend a little more time with your child and enjoy some beautiful fall weather, then you should consider walking home from school with them. If this is not something you can possibly do that is okay. Work and other tasks get in the way of fun activities like this that all parents would surely love to be able to do. Even if it isn't after school, maybe a little walk before dinner or on a weekend could be fun. It is an amazing time of year to spend outside, and you can teach your child a lot about the changing seasons. Recently over at The Educators' Spin on It they blogged about going on walks after school or at a more convenient time, and what they did to learn and have fun on their walk. I thought the post was really cool and presented a good idea to spread further. Picking up your child from school is a nice thing to do if you are capable of it. If you can meet them outside of school and walk home in a relatively short amount of time, that is even better!

Read the post here: The Advantages of Walking Home After School Together

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Any mother will be able to relate to this post. Mothers end up being the ones who clean up everybody's messes at home, despite very few of them being their own. This can be frustrating because nobody likes to clean up messes they didn't make. A recent post on the Mommy Mess gave the top five messes that moms have to clean up often. The post was pretty funny so I figured I would talk about it. The top five messes are all pretty gross and I think reading the post even if you are not a mother is a good idea. It will make you appreciate all that your mom went through for you, no matter how long ago it was.

Read the article here: It's Not My Mess

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Every parent has experienced a time before when they realized that they messed up. Parenting is just like anything else in life. People are not perfect and they make mistakes, but the important thing is apologizing. An apology goes a long way, even though it may not necessarily be the easiest thing to do. When a parent makes an error and their children are involved, they should apologize to them just like they would to an adult. A recent post on Parenting Boys, Raising Men spoke about this topic. Mark Vander Ley posted on the subject of apologizing to your children. It isn't something that anybody enjoys doing, but it can really be a quick fix on a situation that has been blown out of proportion. Mark also brought up that it is a good example for your kids to apologize as well. If you show them that not apologizing and being stubborn is how you handle things, then chances are they will try to behave similarly. Showing you are sorry and admitting your fault is the adult choice and it will make your children aware of how they should act as the grow into adults.

Read Mark's take on apologizing here: I'm Sorry

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All parents have been faced with situations before where plans change and they are forced to adjust. Adjusting to situations is a key to being a good parent. Your children look to you for leadership and to guide them, and being able to adjust even when something goes terribly wrong is important. A recent post on Playground Dad discussed just this and I thought the way it was explained was awesome! The post talked about basketball and how you can always pivot when you stuck in a bad spot. The pivot is a go to move when you think you're out of options on the court. It is also comparable to being a parent when the plans you had go wrong. When the plans you made for a day disappear or change right in front of you, don't panic just pivot. Accepting your lack of options and pivoting can still help you create a play that works. 

Read more about pivoting here: Pivot!

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Friday, October 12, 2012
Many life lessons can be learned by the way of sports. Not just the simple lessons of winning and losing or sportsmanship either, as I recently found out through a blog post by Trish Bolster. Trish posted on Catholic Mom about her recent experience trying to bring the whole family to enjoy some time at a local park while one of her sons had a practice. She had a very deliberate plan for the way she wanted things to go, and obviously that did not work out! Well things ended up just fine in the long run, but it was crazy to hear about how many different things she had going on around her all at once. The post was more of a reflection on how the plan you have might not always be the way things will end of happening. However, if you stay faithful and keep at it things will work out how they are supposed to. I recommend reading Trish's post over at Catholic Mom today.

Read Trish's post: Lessons From the Soccer Field

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Does your family have a picky eater? I'm sure that your child or one of your children makes a relentless struggle every time you try to load up some broccoli on their plate. This is a common problem that many parents face, and Parenting Magazine recently posted some tips on how to deal with it. I liked their ideas and I thought they were worth sharing with everybody. Their first suggestion is probably their best one, and it was to stop with the separate dinner orders for them. If you constantly make them chicken nuggets or french fries for them when you and the rest of your family are eating something else they will never learn. You are enabling them to say no to healthy options, and in turn creating a junk food monster! I'm not saying to shove spinach down  your child's throat, and neither was Parenting Magazine in their article. However, if you and the rest of the family eat some healthy foods your child will eventually be forced to eat what is available to them. So stop enabling their picky eating behaviors soon!

Read the Parenting Magazine post here: Picky Eaters - Fussy Eaters

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