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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Why the coronation of Our Lady as Queen of Heaven and Earth gives us hope for eternal happiness.

What do you think of when you think of Mother Mary? Picture her and think about what comes to mind.

If you’re like most Catholics, you envision purity. You think of someone who is satisfied, comforting and sinless.

This is Our Lady; she is the Queen of Heaven and Earth. Besides Jesus, she is the most influential person who ever walked the Earth. She was the one who gave God’s Son live.

A Look at Mary’s Life

An angel approached Mary and told her the Holy Spirit would impregnate her. Mary didn’t quite understand this but she knew whatever God wanted to give her would be something extraordinarily special.

While she was at risk for ridicule and even death because she never engaged in sexual relations but was pregnant, she took comfort in that the Lord would take care of her, which he did when he approached Joseph to calm his fears about Mary’s unfaithfulness.

This strength she had to take on whatever came as a result of her becoming pregnant by the Holy Spirit and having faith in God to take care of her teaches us a lot.

Mary was happy. She was happy because she knew God was the one who controlled our Life. She knew that no matter what He wanted of her, it would be for the good. She took on whatever difficulties and despairs she had to, including seeing her only son crucified.

For this reason, when Mary died, she assumed into Heaven. This means that just like Jesus, her whole body and soul went to Heaven. She is eternally whole because of her strength and purity.

Her eternal happiness in Heaven is due to her work on Earth. Her faith in God and work for Him has led her to complete and utter happiness.

How Mary Influences Us

When we follow Mary’s life, by doing whatever we are asked to do by God, we live happy. We live a life that has a purpose, to follow God. We know that we were placed on this Earth for a reason and that is to show others we love them, just as Mary did.

People search for happiness in so many things. They buy expensive things, they do expensive things, but many of them never find the secret to happiness. That is most likely because they search for happiness in things. Happiness doesn’t come from what we can get, it comes from what we provide. Whatever we provide to others, we provide to God. When we give good things to people, we give good things to God. That makes us internally happy and that feeling lasts much longer than any possession.

Take a moment to think about the time you followed Mary’s example to show your love for others with no expectation of something in return. How did you feel? What was it like to see that others were pleased with what you did for them?

Take this feeling with you and do more so you can continue to feel this way. The happiness you have created for others is happiness you create in yourself. The same happiness Mary had and has eternally.

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