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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What is the role of the godparents to a baptized child?

Baptism is such an important event. It’s a time to welcome a new member into the Catholic church. It’s also the time all original sin is wiped away.

The godparents of a baptized child are very important to the Catholic upbringing of the child. They are the ones who will guide the child through the Catholic teachings. They will come together with the child to provide support in their life whenever they need spiritual guidance.

Holding a Hand to Lead to God’s Will

A parent has many responsibilities. She must care for the child, look after the child and teach the child many things in life. It’s not easy for one or two parents to handle.
God felt it was important that children have someone else in addition to their parents to enforce His words. Someone that has only one job and that job is to instill the importance of God in the child.

When children are born, they are highly influential. They learn about the world in everything they see, hear and do.

Role of Godparents to a Baptized Child
When children have a religious environment to grow, they start to take in many of its teachings. While it may seem very comfortable to the child as he grows up, there are times when he may have questions about the faith that are not easily answered.

Being able to turn to someone who has been living life according to the scriptures for many years, such as a godparent, can help the child face the challenges of life and understand what God wants of him.

It’s as if godparents take a hold of the hand of a child and leads them down the path of Catholicism pointing to all of the important things they must pay attention to and take in. It’s as though the godparents hands are extensions of God’s hands.

When a Child Struggles with Faith

Often times, children grow up to rebel against Catholicism. Godparents may have guided them throughout their life until that point perfectly, but the child ends up trying to disprove the scriptures.

It’s important for godparents to know that they have not failed in their role as godparents. They should not feel guilty or shameful of themselves or of the child.
What the godparents should do is remain a constant source of spiritual guidance to the child. It’s important to hear the child’s thoughts, doubts and accusations.

Don’t ever cut the child out of your life. He can always come back onto the Catholic path with your guidance. Being able to show him how a Catholic behaves and the good things that come out of that behavior is what can make all the difference. If you cut that child out of your life, you end up not influencing him anymore.

Cherish the Role

Godparents have a very special role. If you are asked to be one, cherish it. You have been given a gift. You are the most important spiritual person in your godchild’s life. Take a hold of it and do your best job. God is smiling down on you and appreciates all you do for Him.

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