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Monday, July 2, 2012
In June, 2012, we made a visit to our vendors in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.  We love going to see them, as the trip gets us out of the office, and it is a terrific drive from our office in New Jersey up to Massachusetts and Rhode Island at that time of year.

But more important than that is we get to spend time one-on-one with our vendors.  We like to find out what's working, and what new products they have.

Unique Miraculous Medal
Unique Miraculous Medal
It's a great time for learning more about the Catholic faith, and also see new products we can bring to you, our faithful flock.

There are some terrific miraculous medals that we will be featuring on our site very shortly.  These are all very unique metals.  At the present time on our site, we currently carry the oval shaped patron saint medals.  But very soon we will be adding more of the round patron saint medals.  We found them to be very slick in appearance and think you're going to like them, as they are Sterling Silver and Gold-Filled.

We also found many new book titles, which we will be adding to Holy Spirit Gift Shop.  We like these books because you have told us these are great.  "add-on" gifts.  Sometimes you want to buy a special gift for someone making their Sacrament of Confirmation or First Holy Communion.  A little book makes a great gift and usually helps tell them a little more detail what the sacrament is about, or the patron saint they have just been named after.  We also have expanded our "Lives of the Saints" book line as well.

Lives of The Saints Books
Lives of The Saints Books
Now, one of the items that we are VERY excited to start carrying are the patron saint medals with a prayer card.  These are fairly unique, in the sense that the medals are delivered on a sturdy chain and are pewter with a shiny rhodium finish.  The prayer card opens up as a small booklet.  The chain is delivered wrapped in the booklet.  The cover says, "Here is your very own saint medal.  Wear it as a reminder of the blessings that you will receive from God, when the medal is used at as a sacramental."  When you open up the inside of the prayer card, you'll see a very nice description of the patron saint, some background on the life of the saint and some additional details, like the feast day.

We think these prayer cards will be a terrific addition to our product line.
We'd also like to thank Sandra, our vendor representative, for taking an entire day from her schedule to spend time with us and show us all the new products, as well as getting us caught up on some products we had not yet seen.  Thanks Sandra!

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