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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What Most Folks Don't Know About Saint Zachary

What if an angel appeared to you at 80 years old and tells you that you’ll have a child? Would you think that it was impossible and want some sort of proof? Well, that was what happened to Saint Zachary.

The Story of Saint Zachary

Saint Zachary was a priest and on his day to deliver incense to the alter, he was approached by the angel Gabriel.
The angel told him that his wife would have a son and he was to name him John.
Saint Zachary did not believe this because him and his wife, Saint Elizabeth, were both very old. He asked the angel to give him a sign.
Angel Gabriel told him that he would become voiceless and would not regain the ability to speak until after the son was born and named John.

After the angel departed, Zachary left the church and was in fact, voiceless. He remained that way all the way up until his son was born and circumcised.
At the circumcision, he requested a tablet and on it he wrote, “John is his name.”
Just as his son was given this name, Zachary’s tongue started to loosen and he once again was able to speak.

Saint Zachary is the father of John the Baptist. We celebrate him on November 5th. We celebrate Saint Elizabeth, John the Baptist’s mother, on this same day.

What We Can Learn from Saint Zachary

Saint Zachary had a difficult time believing Angel Gabriel, even though he should have believed. He was even a priest, who had more faith than probably most of the people he preached to, or maybe not…

It’s interesting to think about how our individual beliefs oftentimes come before the beliefs we have in the Lord. He didn’t think what the Angel Gabriel prophesized was true because he was too old. In God though, anything is possible.

If we hold true to this fact, there should be no doubt in anything one of His angels brings down to us. God chose Saint Zachary for a reason. That reason was to show His power and mystery.

By having others see what happened to Saint Zachary with losing his voice, he made many other people believers as well. It was an outward display of what he can really do in life.

 Something to Think About

Angel Gabriel could have done anything to show Saint Zachary that he/she was real and sent down from God. Why did the angel choose to take away his voice?
Leaving him voiceless may be because of his doubtfulness and expression of that doubt to the angel. It could be that since he expressed his uncertainty in what the angel said, instead of his thankfulness, his speech was taken.
The angel could have been making a lesson out of Saint Zachary. Have faith in God and his power over all. Those who have little faith but spread faith will lose their ability to spread God’s message until their faith is strong enough to extinguish their own doubt in Him.

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