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Friday, August 17, 2012

How does reconciliation help us become better Catholics?

Have you ever felt guilt about something and avoided someone because of it? If you have, you know what it’s like to carry sin.

Carrying sin puts up a roadblock between you and the person who the sin effects. It makes you want to stay away from that person because it reminds you of what you’ve done wrong.
When Catholics commit sins, they do the same thing with God. When a sin is committed, they try to avoid God as much as possible because facing God is facing the sin.

Catholics don’t want to live life in that way. They don’t want to be ashamed when they meet God, and they don’t want to turn their backs on Him because of something they have done. 

This is why Catholics go through reconciliation.
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How Reconciliation Helps Catholics

When people goes through reconciliation, they take their sins and present them to the priest. The priest has the power to take those sins away.

What happens is you confess everything you’ve done that isn’t according to God’s Word. Bringing those sins out of you means you don’t carry them anymore. It means you have given them up to the Lord.

Our God is a very forgiving God. As long as you know you’ve done bad, have the courage to face your sins, and ask God for His forgiveness, you can be cleared of them.
Without the sins, you remove the roadblock between you and God. You don’t feel ashamed or guilty turning to God because you are free.

Improving Your Relationship with God

When you carry sin and can’t turn to God because you feel guilty, you lose a connection to Him. You start to shy away from praying, going to church and you may even start behaving un-Christian like.

You are rebelling against your own actions. You can’t stand to know you’ve done bad and you don’t want to face it. So instead, you may feel as though it’s no big deal. You may think that God isn’t special to you anymore. You may turn away from Him forever. The problem is you always feel something is missing from your life then. That missing part is God.
Bringing yourself back to God is simple. When you reconcile you pull God back into your life. You appreciate His love and forgiveness for you. You take Him into your life and you make Him the person you admire the most. You want to please Him and you don’t ever want to turn away from Him again.

By bringing God closer to you, the light of the Lord turns your life into one that is pure and just. You behave in Christian ways because you want to stay away from the guilt.

Regular Reconciliation Keeps Your Connection with God Strong

Since we are human beings though, we make mistakes. Going to reconciliation regularly is a way to continue building our relationship with God. It’s a way to clear the bumps in the road.

As long as you remind yourself you can always rectify your relationship with God, you will always be in His good graces - as long as you wholeheartedly confess and promise to do better. That is all God asks of you.

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