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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Understanding the meaning of the design on the back of the Miraculous Medal can help you develop a greater appreciation for it. It also tells you a little more about Mother Mary and her beliefs, so that you are better able to follow her example.

What the Back of the Miraculous Medal Looks Like

The back of the Miraculous Medal has a large M on it with a cross that intercepts in it. It has a bar across the bottom or the cross that goes through the top part of the M.
Around the top and sides of the M with the cross are twelve stars.

At the bottom of the back of the Miraculous Medal, there are two hearts. One of the hearts has thorns on it and the other heart has a spear going into it.

Sterling Silver Miraculous Medal
The Meaning of the Symbols on the Back of the Medal

The most obvious part of the back of the Miraculous Medal is the M. It stands for Mary.
The cross intersecting into the M symbolizes how Jesus and Mary connected to empower the world with God’s teachings. They worked together, mother and son, to deliver Jesus’ messages.

The bar under the cross that intersects the top part of the M refers to the Earth. Jesus and Mary surround the Earth to help deliver God’s Words. So if you look at it, Jesus’ cross on the top of the Earth, Mary on the bottom, together they wrap the world with their love.
The twelve stars signify the apostles. The apostles represent the Church. The Catholic Church surrounds Mary.

Also, in the Book of Revelation, there was a quote that described Mary with twelve stars around her head, clothed with the sun and standing on a moon.

The hearts at the bottom represent the grief Mary suffered through for the great sacrifice Jesus made for us. The heart with the thorns represents the crown of the thorns placed on Jesus’ head on his way to the Crucifix. The second heart, on the right, with the sword going through it represents the stab in the heart Mary felt when she had to witness Jesus, the Son of God, suffering and murdered.

Mary Designed It to Tell a Story

When Saint Laboure saw the vision of the back of the medal, she didn’t quite understand what it meant. All she knew was that Mary wanted this vision “struck upon this model.”

Mary wanted to tell us a story with this model. She wanted to show us that she has genuine love for us and wants us to come to her for guidance and grace. She has love for us as long as we seek her.

The back of the Miraculous Medal is one that takes you through the true meaning of what Mary represents. It shows us how devoted she is to God and His mission for the world. It shows us that we should honor her and worship God for all the love, care and blessings they can give us.

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