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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What the Front of the Medal Looks Like

The front of the Miraculous Medal is Mary standing on a globe with a serpent under her feet.
Mary’s arms are outstretched by her side with parts of garments draping down. Around her head and body is an inscription of “O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.”

Gold Miraculous Medal
The Meaning of the Front of the Miraculous Medal

Most people will be most drawn to Mary standing on the serpent. The serpent represents Satan. Her standing on the serpent’s head symbolizes her power over Satan and his followers.

She is on the globe with a glow about her to symbolize that she is the Queen of Heaven and Earth. Earth is below her feet and Heaven is where she is with her arms coming down to the Earth.

The inscription is very telling of who she is and why she is honored. She is the Blessed Virgin Mary who conceived without sin. Blessed Virgin doesn’t only apply to her conceiving without sin, it also means that she is virgin of sin. She has committed no sins…
Because of Mary’s sinlessness, she is full of grace. This grace she has can be sent to others who do have sin to bless them.

Grace helps people deal with problems and have good fortune. These graces are what people who believe in Mary will experience.

How We Know It’s True

After the first medals were manufactured and distributed around Paris in 1832, many people started to receive blessings. People who prayed to Mary found their prayers were answered.
Most of the wonderful blessings people received had to do with health, peace and prosperity.

This is actually how the medal got its name “Miraculous Medal.” People were so impressed with the medal that they started to say it was miraculous.

How the Medal Works

The medal doesn’t do anything. It’s what you do that matters.

The medal only serves as a reminder for people to take time to turn to Mary. The medal around your neck doesn’t do anything but give you a clue that you need to pray to Mary.
When you pray to Mary, it’s important to honor her. To recognize all the good she has always done for God. By doing this, you are recalling what you should be doing in your life to follow her example.

As you pray to her, it’s good to tell her how you want to better your life and how you would like her to help you.

You can build a relationship with Mary. You can turn to her when you are having a difficult time and ask her to help you. You can see her good graces come upon you as long as you have faith in her.

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