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Friday, August 3, 2012

How the virtue of faith is displayed during the Resurrection of Our Lord

What is faith? Many people will say they have faith in God, but they don’t ever step back to really examine what faith is and the affect it has on their life.

The Resurrection of God and How it Led to Faith

Looking at Jesus’ resurrection can help us reaffirm the faith we have in the Lord.

After Jesus was crucified on the cross, He was taken down and placed in a tomb. Three days after, the stone to the tomb was removed and He was no longer inside. What happened to Him?!

Some non-believers of Jesus Christ believe His body was stolen. However, the apostles that were visited by Jesus in the forty days that followed the resurrection know that He wasn’t. Instead, he was lifted body and soul into Heaven.

Some people who were skeptical that Jesus was truly the Son of God became believers when they saw that His body was resurrected and then he came upon the apostles. They were blessed with the faith in God and that was stronger than anything they had ever felt.

How We Developed Faith in God

Now looking at our own faith in God, we must think about the reasons why we have this faith. We didn’t witness the resurrection of Jesus and He never appeared to us. So why do we have that faith in God?

We have that faith in God because it has been instilled in us from the work of the apostles. They delivered the message of God to many people all over the world. They formed churches that continued to deliver that message to its successors. Generation after generation, the power of Jesus’ teachings and the faith people had in Him was strong enough to withstand some of the harshest punishments.

jesus rising
See, many people tried to knock down Christianity throughout the years. They didn’t believe and had no faith. They tested Christians’ faith. The faith survived though.

This is why we have the faith now. The faith is strong in us because it was strong in many people before us. We believe that Jesus was the true Son of God. We believe he rose from the dead. We also believe He will come back someday.

We know that God gave us life and that he guides us as much as we allow Him to guide us. When we have faith in that, we can do a lot in life and be happy with what we do.

How to Strengthen Your Faith

Take a few minutes today and think about your faith in God. Think about how you can strengthen that faith in your life. It might be as simple as saying a prayer before starting your day. You could even keep a gratitude journal to write down everything you appreciate that God has given you. You can just sit and think about how thankful you are to have someone who cares and loves you more than you could ever imagine.

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