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Tuesday, August 21, 2012
On August 15 we celebrated the Assumption of Mary into heaven. Because she was born without sin and was gracious enough to agree to carry Our Lord and Savior, Mary's body wasn't left  here on earth but rather taken up to be with her Son. But what I want to discuss is the role the Blessed Mother plays in our life.

People who aren't Catholic and don't know about our faith think we worship Mary and even put her above Jesus. Once I was in line for some food and two women before me were talking about this very thing. They discussed how Catholic's have all these saints we pray to and how we especially worship  Mary. They ended the conversation with how crazy we all are! I think back to that and wish I had spoken up about my beliefs. However I was fairly new into learning about Catholicism, I was just starting RCIA at my church, and was afraid I would not know the correct thing to say.

At the  mass to celebrate the assumption, the priest at my church gave a great analogy of why we turn to the Blessed Mother in prayer. Father Bob stated that while he lived away from his mother  she would call daily with prayer requests. For someone in need of prayer before surgery, for another couple having trouble conceiving, a death in a family, any numerous reasons. Of course he would always pray for them. And that is how it is with Mary. We pray for her intercession  because she has her Sons ear. She will take our prayers and then  make the request to Jesus. That's all.  After that it is in God's hands and if it His will our prayers will be answered.

The same goes with the saints.Think of it like we are asking a friend to pray with us if we have a problem. We pray to any given saint to petition for us. My favorite- St. Anthony help me find my keys! But I digress.

Now I feel confident that I can give an accurate answer to why we pray to Mary and the important role she  has in our faith. She is an activist for all of us! Mary is also our Mother; and what mother wouldn't do their all to help?

God Bless!


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