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Friday, September 21, 2012
This article found on Authentic Parenting deals with a topic that many parents struggle with, which is how to take their toddler on a car ride. The article knows how difficult this seemingly simply task should be and gives a handful of tips to readers about how they can make it easier. First off, they make the point that you need to find a comfortable car seat for your toddler. If they are at least comfortable in the seat, they may not be so rambunctious in the car. Attempting to explain to them the issue of their safety and the need for a car seat might not be a bad idea either. You should always wear your own seat belt as well, and set a good example for your children. This article is full of good ideas to help your car rides become more smooth and enjoyable for the entire family.

Read the full text at: Make Car Rides Easy with a Toddler

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