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Wednesday, September 26, 2012
Feeling proactive about making sure your baby is safe in your home? I commend your concern and hope the following tips can be of some use to you. Mommy of Two Little Monkeys recently blogged about creative ways to baby proof your house. Her tips were quite creative and intelligent. The kitchen can be a big area of concern for your baby's safety. A quick way to keep your toddler or baby out of the fridge is to put a piece of packing tape from the door to the fridge itself. This will allow you and any older members of the family easy access to the fridge by just peeling the tape back, and be too strong for your young one to pull apart. Also putting duct tape over any electrical outlets is a smart move. Rubber bands or hair ties can keep cabinet doors off limits for the little ones too. Moving too the bathroom, another packing tape solution can be found. The toilet can be packing taped down like the fridge so it can easily be pulled up, but not opened by your baby for exploration. Foam pool noodles can be cut up and taped onto table edges that present danger to your baby, and hair ties and rubber bands can again be used to rope up and excess electrical wiring. These are some really economical solutions to your baby's curious nature.

Read the original piece here: 6 Creative Ways to Baby Proof Your Home With Common Objects

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