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Monday, September 24, 2012
This post found on Dad Blunders is about a dad realizing a bad habit in his son. The dad offers his son and a friend a snack, and the son's friend wants pickles. The dad knows his son doesn't like pickles so he asks him what else he would like to eat, and his son demands pickles as well. While the dad tries to talk his son out of the pickles, the son demands more and more that he wants the pickles for a snack. When the pickles are brought out the son hesitates and does not really enjoy eating the pickles. The son makes faces while forcing himself to eat the pickles, and gives the last one to his playmate. The moral of the story is that the dad realizes his son's behavior, and while the faces he made were comical it made the dad see a bigger issue. His son was being extremely stubborn, which many young children do on a regular basis. The dad thinks his behavior may have influence his son's stubborn ways though, and I think more parents should step back and realize things like this on a daily basis.

Read the full text here: Bad Habits and Dad

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