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Wednesday, September 26, 2012
Sure it is only September, but winter will be here before too long! And depending on where you live, that could be here a lot sooner. Shopaholic Mommy recently featured an article on how you should buy winter boots for your kids. First off, it may be early but in terms of shopping early in the season is better for deals. Shopping now for winter apparel is still early enough to get out of season rates, and the next opportunity for that won't be until the winter season is winding down. You need to keep in mind what kind of beating these boots will be taking daily in the winter months. Is it wet and snowy often or will a pair of non-waterproof boots be just fine? You should always shop around, and end up going with something in the middle of the price range you find yourself shopping in. While there certainly isn't a need to break the bank and get a pair of boots your kid will grow out of by next year; it may be smart to not buy the cheapest pair out there either. You do get what you pay for after all. 

Read the original article here: Buying Winter Boots for Kids

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