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Tuesday, September 25, 2012
Are you looking for some great ways to spend time with your kids this fall? I'm sure that you are, and no matter what their age may be I'm sure they'd like to do something fun with you as well! However, coming up with ideas for these fun filled days may be a roadblock for some parents. Not to fear, below I'm going to list (in no particular order) several fun ideas that you and your child could do this fall. Also, I have made a point to include ideas for all age groups.

1.) For those of you with younger children, you might want to consider taking them to a local pumpkin patch. Taking your kids to a pumpkin patch can make for a fun filled morning or afternoon. Make a game out of searching through the pumpkins and encourage them to find their favorite one! You can also turn this into a full day affair by taking them home to decorate the pumpkins that they chose.

2.) This idea is for the slightly older age group, but not the teens. You could make a visit to a haunted house or haunted hayride! Depending of course, on how your child would take to these ideas respectively it could be really fun and exciting. There are all sorts of these houses/rides as well so look into it a little bit if your child (or you!) is easily scared.

3.) For your teen you could make a trip to a soccer, baseball, or football game! There are plenty of professional and college sports going on at this time of year. This can be an exciting event to bond over if you share the same favorite professional or college sports team. You can truly make a day out of a game by tailgating the experience. Fire up the grill and hang out for an hour or two before the game even starts.

4.) Also for your teen who doesn't like sports, you could take them shopping to their favorite stores. Sometimes shopping gets a bad reputation with kids because they are always being dragged to your favorite stores, however you can turn the tables on them with this one and go wherever they want to shop.

5.) Finally, for younger kids you can make a game out of raking up the leaves in the yard. I know, sneaky way to kill two birds with one stone! Most kids love the idea of raking up the leaves to play in though, and will be more than willing to help out with the work first.

So whether you take some of my advice or not, make sure to spend time with your kids this fall! Its a beautiful time of year and you should take advantage of it!

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