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Wednesday, September 19, 2012
This post from Mom's at Work will be sure to make you laugh. The post is centered around small frustrations that mothers have with their toddlers. The idea of the post is derived from a 19 Surprising Facts about Toddlers post that many moms have been reading lately. It describes scenarios that have occurred at home, and some of  them are pretty funny. Examples include, "Did you know that your toddler will exhibit the culinary tastes of a gourmand one day and then insist on eating only goldfish crackers the next day, frustrating your attempts to make sure she eats a balanced daily diet?" and "Did you know that if a toddler said that Oscar bit her at daycare, and he did, but only once, still, even weeks after the Oscar-biting incident, every boo-boo is now blamed on Oscar, including bug bites, even when Oscar is nowhere near where you live?" This post is really easy to relate to for any parent out there.

Read the full article here: Did You Know That Your Toddler...?

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