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Tuesday, September 25, 2012
This article featured in Parenting Magazine gauges when you might be feeding your children too much. While every child is different, these signs are telltale of overfeeding. Also I know that nobody wants their children to be hungry all the time, however getting your child used to a normal eating schedule is an important thing to instill upon them. Some of the signs that the article includes are when your child gets angry or upset if the first thing you jump to is to offer a snack. If your child isn't hungry at a normal meal time or doesn't finish their food you can assume they might have eaten too much at their previous meal. Also, if your child is receiving meal portions as big as your own that is a mistake, children need smaller amounts of food than adults do. The most obvious sign is if their clothes are beginning not to fit around them, but the length is still alright. This last sign could be used by adults as well!

Read the full text here: 5 Signs You Could Be Feeding Your Kids Too Much

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