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Tuesday, September 25, 2012
This article featured on Shopaholic Mommy covers the topic of teaching good manners to your children. Teaching your children manners is obviously something that all parents aspire to do. The first step to doing this effectively is easily discernible and should go without saying, but you have to present a good example of manners for your children. If you do not have manners yourself how can you expect your children to have any? When your child has a lapse or is just plain rude do not punish them or yell. Make sure that they know what your expect of them and ask them to do it next time. Remember not to be condescending to your older children as well because this can be embarrassing to them and cause resent. Taking these steps can make a change in your child's manners in a short amount of time, just be patient with them!

Read the full text: Tricks for Teaching Good Manners

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