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Friday, September 28, 2012
Okay let's face it, while everybody loves doing things for their kids and seeing them happy it can be a truly terrifying experience to throw a birthday party for your child. The overwhelming experience can be made a little easier if you keep in mind these tips from Samantha over at Multiple Mayhem Mamma. First of all make sure that you set the stage appropriately for the party, meaning explaining to your child exactly what the party is going to be all about. This will put you both on the same page. Make sure you go into the planning mode with a game plan and a budget to make use of. Have a backup plan in case something unforeseen comes up to ruin plans. Figure out what kind of cake your child would like for their party, and obviously get them a nice gift! If you can manage to get a few friends to help supervise the party, it will only make your life that much easier. Make certain that you have a camera to take pictures of the party! Lastly, if your child is attending a party, please don't be the parent who shows up late to pick their kid up. The last thing any parent wants after throwing a birthday party is a few straggler kids who are waiting for a parent.

Read the original piece here: Children's Birthday Party Tips

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