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Wednesday, September 26, 2012
Teaching manners to their child is certainly something that all parents aspire to do. It is an important part of parenting because manners are a life long technique that a person needs to function and make friends. Parenting Magazine recently featured an article about teaching kids manners and what you can expect at different ages from them. Younger children are obviously not capable of being as well mannered as a young adult or teen might be, however this doesn't mean you should not be instilling the ideas in the their mind. The main idea to give to your children is that the root of manners is caring for your fellow person. Teach them examples of this that you see throughout daily activities. Younger children may need extra reinforcement or encouragement to develop proper manners, and this is something that parents should be actively doing for their child. As your child grows up less reinforcement will be needed and they will hopefully begin to have good manners on their own because of the way you taught them when they were younger.

Read the original piece here: Guide to Learning Manners

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