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Wednesday, September 26, 2012
While most of a typical mother's daily routine is centered around other people and their needs, every once in a while moms should make a little time to take care of themselves too. A recent post from Mom Life Today echoes just this sentiment. Blogger Kennisha Hill recently wrote about a scare she had with her blood pressure. She ended up making a trip to the emergency room out of concern and found that she was mildly dehydrated. So obviously good news for Kennisha that it wasn't anything super serious or threatening. However, it raises the question that many moms could probably ask themselves, "Do I spend enough time on myself?". This is not meant in a selfish manner at all, but most moms likely would answer that with a no. Taking care of others is something mothers take pride in, however many moms should also take pride in taking care of themselves. This means mentally and physically. Being a mom is a difficult task so make sure you are giving yourself the mental and physical nourishment that you need on a daily basis. This post by Kennisha was wonderfully written and brought up a point that often goes without saying.

Read the original article here: Mom, Be Intentional About Your Health

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