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Friday, September 28, 2012
As if your son or daughter getting their drivers license wasn't stressful enough, now they want a car of their own. Surely this will help you because it means you won't have to take them places all of the time, but buying a first car for your teen can be stressful. Here are some things to consider that were brought up in a blog post on Mommy Bunch. It is a tough call when deciding whether to get your teen a brand new car or a beater for their first car. Older cars will obviously be a cheaper option to consider, however they will always be less reliable than something brand new. Make sure you get the car's history before you buy any older vehicle. If the car is less expensive it will be better to take little dings and nicks a new driver might give it, and if, God forbid, your new driver gets in a wreck it wouldn't be as big a deal as wrecking a brand new car. New drivers are highly prone to accidents. That is an issue with getting a newer car for your teen because their insurance for driving a brand new car will be sky high. However, newer cars are safer in the event that they do get into an accident. There are many things to consider when getting your new driver their first car.

Read the original article here: Buying a Car for Your Teen: New vs Old Cars

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