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Thursday, September 27, 2012
As we shared a post from Shopaholic Mommy yesterday about buying the right pair of boots for your children we figured sharing her subsequent post about finding the right winter coat would be smart as well. Some qualities to look for in the perfect winter coat are warmth, style, and what it is intended for. Warmth is something you need to keep in mind obviously and it goes hand in hand with what it is intended for. Is your winter coat for snowboarding or are you wearing it over a suit to the office every day? Depending on your answer to that question the coat you pick will be drastically different. This brings style into the equation as well because a water proof ski jacket isn't going to look as good with a suit as a pea coat. The opposite of that is true as well; hitting the slopes in a pea coat would make for a sopping wet miserable day. Hopefully these points help you make the right decision when buying your new winter coat.

Read the original article here: Choosing a Winter Coat

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