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Tuesday, September 18, 2012
This article was featured on Playground Dad and written by Ellie Perico. The article informs parents about the need to set their children up with healthy eating habits from an early age. Some ways that this should be done include making sure your child eats three major food groups at each meal, making sure that they get a variety of different healthy foods, and making sure that your child slowly learns to eat independently. Also an effort should be made to not say negative things about foods in front of your children because it will have an effect on what they think of the food before they eat it. As a parent you should also look for hunger cues and fullness cues so that you know when to feed your child and also when they have had enough. These are things that toddlers cannot do for themselves and parents need to keep a close eye on. This article is worth a read for any parent who is looking to raise a healthy child!

Read the full article at: Feeding Your Toddler: Building Lifelong Eating Habits

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