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Tuesday, September 18, 2012
This post featured on Lil Kid Things is a pretty funny one that any parent should be able to relate to. All kids reach that curious age where it seems like no matter what you are talking about they need to know why. This article goes into a particular scenario with a father and his daughter and the explanation of why the sidewalk is wet, and where rain comes from. The different scenarios in the questioning that occur are titled and are really funny. They include "Cause and Effect", "Chain Reactions", "Basic Human Needs", "Simple Science", "Real Science", "Mythical Stuff", "Terrible Things Will Happen to Inquisitive Children", and "Spousal Privilege". All of the titles describe a different way the question presented was seemingly answered, only to be questioned further.

Read the full article here: Toddlers and the 7 Levels of Why

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