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Friday, September 28, 2012
If you have realized you are spending valuable time from your days because you are stressed out from over worrying or fear, then the following tips could really help you. Rosann from Christian SuperMom recently blogged about different tips you can use to overcome to burdens of fear and worrying, which are problems everybody has dealt with during their life. A good way to deal with something you fear is to face it head on. This is obviously a straight forward approach and if you are looking to just forget about a fear maybe keeping busy would suit you better? Sometimes writing your fear down can help you work out why you are so fearful of whatever it may be. Talking about your fear to a friend could also help, and when all else fails just going to sleep is also helpful. These are all useful ways to cope with stress from fear.

Read the original piece here: 7 Ways to Overcome Fear and Worry



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