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Monday, September 17, 2012
Have you ever thought of the implications using a certain phrase around your children can have? Children repeat a lot of what they hear their parents saying, so this article featured on Empowering Parents looked closer into the overused, "shut up". This article goes over how the phrase becomes a common place in the household and how it can be stopped. I particularly enjoyed the part about how to deal with when your child says this to you. It is a careful approach so you do not empower the phrase by having a poor reaction to it, however it still enforces the fact that it is wrong and will make a child think again about saying it. You should let your child know immediately not to speak to you in that manner because you do not like it and leave, according to the article. Afterwards you should find your child and let them know the punishment for speaking to you in that way in a calm and collected manner. The article also covers why you should never say the phrase, "shut up" to your kids. Like stated previously, kids learn by example and this is setting a bad example for your children.

Read the article at : Eliminate "Shut Up!" from Your Family's Vocabulary

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