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Monday, October 15, 2012
Every parent has experienced a time before when they realized that they messed up. Parenting is just like anything else in life. People are not perfect and they make mistakes, but the important thing is apologizing. An apology goes a long way, even though it may not necessarily be the easiest thing to do. When a parent makes an error and their children are involved, they should apologize to them just like they would to an adult. A recent post on Parenting Boys, Raising Men spoke about this topic. Mark Vander Ley posted on the subject of apologizing to your children. It isn't something that anybody enjoys doing, but it can really be a quick fix on a situation that has been blown out of proportion. Mark also brought up that it is a good example for your kids to apologize as well. If you show them that not apologizing and being stubborn is how you handle things, then chances are they will try to behave similarly. Showing you are sorry and admitting your fault is the adult choice and it will make your children aware of how they should act as the grow into adults.

Read Mark's take on apologizing here: I'm Sorry

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