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Friday, October 12, 2012
All parents aspire to be a leader of their family, and show their children how to live a good life. Being a leader is something that is not really easy to do, whether it be leading your family or leading a team. It is something that you have to work hard to become and parenting is no exception. Recently Greg Younger post on Playground Dad, another site I periodically blog for, about how to become a leader of your family. His advice was very thoughtful and I think it would be useful for any parent to read. Greg's first bit of advice was to eat dinner as a family. I know this can be difficult for busier and larger families to accomplish, but it is something families should attempt to be doing more often than not in a 7 day week. Another point made that I thought was good was to parent every child differently. Children are not clones of each other no matter how close in age they are. They're all going through different things at different times, and parents should keep that in mind. My favorite point that Greg made was the old saying, "do as I say not as I do", and how it doesn't work that way with kids. In order to be a leader and gain respect, you must be fair with your children and set good examples.

Read Greg's post here: Use These 5 Parenting Tips to Become a Better Leader


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