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Thursday, October 11, 2012
A recent post from Tracey on Mom Life Today reminded me what fun camping can be for your entire family. Many people decide that camping is not for them after one poor experience and I think that is a gigantic mistake. There is not a better way to truly bond with your family in my opinion. Tracey pointed out that if you have a family member who is just really not into the idea of pitching a tent and sleeping outdoors then you could rent a small cabin to stay at. Some campsites even have have lodges. I also enjoyed how Tracey's family does their trips because they turn off cell phones. You can have phones on you for emergencies, but turning off the cell phones for a day or two is honestly really refreshing. If you are looking to make a nice weekend with your family sometime soon you should really consider going camping!

Read Tracey's post here: Family Fun Memories - Want Some?

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