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Monday, October 8, 2012
It's that time of year again, and no I'm not talking about the beautiful foliage that autumn decorates our sidewalks with. I'm talking about the time of year where kids seem to always be sick! Whether it be from the colder temperatures or school promoting spread of germs, it always seems like from now until April is peak sickness season. Samantha from Multiple Mayhem Mamma recently blogged about just this and gave some tips for parents to make use of. The tips were ways to avoid falling victim to all the wonderful germs brought home by your kids, and also ways that you can keep your kids healthier as well. Hand washing is a crucial point to stress to your kids, and if they are old enough to carry a tube of anti-bacterial wash around with them, do it! Cleaning anything your kids use frequently is a must around this time of year, as is not sharing food and drinks with your children. Making sure your children and you are eating healthy is a major factor as well. A little extra vitamin C in your diet will go a long way! If your child is sick do not send them out on a play date. This should be a given but a lot of parents neglect this and many germs are spread this way. 

Read the original piece here: Sick Child Season is Here Again

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