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Thursday, October 4, 2012
The fall can be a difficult time period for kids to get used to a new schedule. Being back to school every day can drastically change their lifestyle. To make sure your children stay healthy, try and encourage them to go outside and play. Our Family World recently posted about ways that you can keep your family active this fall. If your child is old enough to play organized sports sign them up for football or soccer this fall. If they aren't old enough yet, just making sure they get outside and run around in the afternoon can make a big difference. Take the time to plan some sort of physical activity into your child's schedule. It can be tough to do with school and everything else that the fall time brings, but if you make a habit of planning time for exercise you child will reap the benefits. Make an effort to get your child involved in sports or other activities to keep them healthy, but don't force them to participate. This can lead to resentment and if the child isn't having fun playing a sport then it isn't worth it. 

Read the article here: Tips to Keep Kids Active After School Starts

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