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Monday, October 1, 2012
It can be difficult sometimes for parents and teens to connect as often as they used to. Teenagers are at the age where they want a little more space and freedom from their parents. Parents still want to be involved in their kid's life though, and this creates a problem. A good way to become involved in your teenager's life is to become involved with their high school activities, as was discussed on Shopaholic Mommy's blog recently. Ashley from Shopaholic Mom made the suggestion that perhaps you could volunteer to help with an activity your teen participates in at school. Even something as small as giving rides to team members or fellow drama club members could be helpful to your child, while at the same time giving you some time together and a way to stay involved. Fundraising is also a good way to be involved in what your child is doing. Most sports teams, clubs, and other activities have to fund raise at least once during the school year, so help out however you can. Finally, showing up at the play, game, or show  can mean the world to your teen and bringing other friends and family members as well only shows how much you care.

Read the original post here: Supporting Your Student's High School Activities 

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