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Tuesday, October 9, 2012
My most recent post today had to do with grandparents being neglected as a source of good advice. I think that as people get older they may indeed become out of touch with things, such as new technology; I don't believe that means grandparents can't teach valuable lessons to their grandchildren though. I think that most of us would certainly struggle to not find at least one good memory of a life lesson learned from grandma or grandpa. So I decided to dig up all the old thoughts I've shared about grandparents on this blog, and put them in one place.

In a fun article I blogged about a couple weeks ago from Grandparenting Through Obstacles they discussed fun facts about grandparents. One of them was definitely shocking to me and that was, "the number of households led by grandparents in the U.S. is increasing at twice the average annual rate of the U.S. households overall, with the number to hit 50 million by 2015". This astounded me and made me realize just how valuable grandparents can be in the lives of children. Especially when they are the head of the household like the stat makes clear they are often. 

Many grandparents team up with their children and teach them how to raise their kids. This makes for the confusing topic of grandparents teaching their children how to be parents. While that is an exhausting thing to explain it happens a lot. Many grandparents and their kids are brought closer by sharing parenting techniques. It isn't always easy as a parent to make decisions on your own, and turning to an experienced "veteran parent" or grandparent can be a smart choice. While you might not always agree, like in this post about judging bad language, you will at least gain another opinion about what you are considering as a parent.  

Overall, I felt it was worth a post to share all of these grandparenting topics that have come up recently. There is a lot to be learned from grandparents and they may not be as out of touch as some people believe they are. One thing is for sure though, that they care about you and your children very much!

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