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Wednesday, October 3, 2012
Most parents have had to deal with the issue of kids getting out of their beds during the night. The only time of the day where you can get some rest for yourself is being interrupted. Shopaholic Mommy recently blogged about some possible ways to deal with this common parenting issue. A good idea to try to get your child to stay in their bed at night time is to make sure they feel comfortable in their room. If the child feels comfortable in their bed and enjoys different aspects of their room they will be more prone to stay in their bed at night. If your child is a wanderer anyway, despite feeling comfortable in their room, you should absolutely not let them sleep in your bed at night. If you make a habit of letting of letting your children sleep in your bed at night it will become something they expect. Having an extra body, even your child that you love, in bed each night is not something that should be happening. A last idea you could try is some sort of fun rewards system for your child spending the night in their bed.

Read the original article here:  Keeping Kids in Their Beds

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