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Monday, October 15, 2012
All parents have been faced with situations before where plans change and they are forced to adjust. Adjusting to situations is a key to being a good parent. Your children look to you for leadership and to guide them, and being able to adjust even when something goes terribly wrong is important. A recent post on Playground Dad discussed just this and I thought the way it was explained was awesome! The post talked about basketball and how you can always pivot when you stuck in a bad spot. The pivot is a go to move when you think you're out of options on the court. It is also comparable to being a parent when the plans you had go wrong. When the plans you made for a day disappear or change right in front of you, don't panic just pivot. Accepting your lack of options and pivoting can still help you create a play that works. 

Read more about pivoting here: Pivot!

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