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Wednesday, October 10, 2012
Football fan or not, there were lessons to be learned from a game that happened this past Sunday. Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel was injured on Sunday and fans at their stadium cheered when it happened. Playground Dad recently blogged about this situation and some of the media coverage it has pulled early this week on ESPN. The blog post saw it as an opportunity to teach children some lessons about sports and life in general. Obviously the first lesson to teach in this situation would be sportsmanship, as the fans in Kansas City showed very little of that. This is something children should be learning from a very young age because it is truly important to life and to sports as well. Loyalty is another trait that could be taught to your child through this. Whether it is remaining loyal to a sports team, or something more important such as remaining loyal to a friend later in life; loyalty is not a trait that you want your child to go without. Also for an older child you could teach them what professionalism is. One of Cassel's team mates spoke out in a post-game press conference and really gave it to the Chiefs fan base. The post from Playground Dad put it well by pointing out his loyalty, but criticizing his professionalism. There is a fine line between the two of them, and that needs to be taught to children at some point.

Read the original article here: Cassel Injury Saga Has Valuable Lessons for Dads and Kids

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