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Tuesday, October 2, 2012
Most parent's know the routine when they bring their child to a birthday party. The kids will frolic about doing whatever activity is planned, probably eat birthday cake and some other food, get their goody bag, and its time to go. You can either be the drop-off type of parent or the stick around and socialize type of parent. So Parenting Magazine wrote a recent piece about going to the standard birthday party. Most of the parents stuck around, but one mom who did sat on her laptop doing work the entire time. She didn't speak to anybody and sat silently on her computer. This is rather unheard of and raises a question, is this appropriate? Taking in all the factors, I honestly don't have a problem with this. She was still at the party in case anything happened to her child, and maybe she was really swamped at work and needed the extra time. Also the type of socialization that happens at birthday parties is awkward, weather based chatter that nobody truly enjoys. This is all just my opinion though, what do you think about the laptop mom at the birthday party?

Read the full article here: Would You Do This at a Kid's Birthday Party?

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