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Wednesday, October 10, 2012
In a recent debacle in Lacrosse, Wisconsin news anchor Jennifer Livingston has taken a stand against bullying. The anchor recently received a letter telling her she is overweight and needs to be a better role model for younger people, mainly girls. Jennifer spoke back to the writer of said letter and told them what she really thought about their bullying techniques. She pointed out that the example they were setting for their children by calling her fat was also not a great thing to do. Empowering Parents recently blogged about this story as have many sites. Their view was that Jennifer was right to point out the hurtful behavior of the person who wrote her that letter. I would have to say I agree, if the main goal of the letter was just to call her out for being overweight it was not teaching children much. Kindness is a trait that should not go overlooked, and that should trump any example people are teaching their children about being thin.

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