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Tuesday, October 2, 2012
Every parent has had to deal with that terrible playdate gone wrong. When parents don't communicate and just drop their children off at playdates they can end up going poorly often, which is a shame. Recently Amy McCready from Postive Parenting Solutions wrote about some easy ways to make sure your kids have a successful playdate. If the kids will be playing at your home then make sure to put away any potentially not safe items or any items your child might really love. Find a few activities to have the kids do that keep them active and having fun. If this means leaving the house and going to a park then go for it! Another good tip from Amy was to keep first playdates short. A first meeting should be not much longer than one hour because kids will tire out. Of course you need to set rules for the playdate and make them clear to your child whether the playdate is at your home or a friend's house.

Read the article here: 4 Steps to a Successful Playdate 

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