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Thursday, October 4, 2012
Many parents know it can be tough to get your teenage son or daughter to hang out with you on a regular basis. You can have a good relationship with you teen, but most of them are just not interested in going out with their mom or dad. Recently The Mommy Mess blogged about a few ways you can convince your teenage son to come hang out with you. I wouldn't call these bribes but if you are going to run some errands, stopping in these places could gain you some wanted company. A promise to visit a local Game Stop could be tempting for your son. Maybe he has a new games he wants to check out, or perhaps he will just converse with one of the store workers for a while. It could also be a good time to get to know something about your son. Even though video games aren't overly appealing to most parents, if you know something about the games he plays you could make conversation. Chick-fil-A could also make your son want to run errands with you. Let's be honest here, most of us enjoy Chick-fil-A as well so this isn't just a treat for your son. Finally, Best Buy could be a solid choice too because of their wide variety of electronics and other fun things. Most of the stuff in Best Buy is pricey so you don't need to buy anything, but just going in and shopping around will let you guys spend some good time together. 

Read the original article here: 5 Places Your Teen Son is Sure to Go

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