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Friday, October 12, 2012
Does your family have a picky eater? I'm sure that your child or one of your children makes a relentless struggle every time you try to load up some broccoli on their plate. This is a common problem that many parents face, and Parenting Magazine recently posted some tips on how to deal with it. I liked their ideas and I thought they were worth sharing with everybody. Their first suggestion is probably their best one, and it was to stop with the separate dinner orders for them. If you constantly make them chicken nuggets or french fries for them when you and the rest of your family are eating something else they will never learn. You are enabling them to say no to healthy options, and in turn creating a junk food monster! I'm not saying to shove spinach down  your child's throat, and neither was Parenting Magazine in their article. However, if you and the rest of the family eat some healthy foods your child will eventually be forced to eat what is available to them. So stop enabling their picky eating behaviors soon!

Read the Parenting Magazine post here: Picky Eaters - Fussy Eaters

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