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Wednesday, October 3, 2012
Do you ever spend time texting while around your kids? Recently some parents have become critical of other parents who text when their kids are around. Dad and Buried recently blogged about this debate and took to defending the parents who text. I have to say that I agreed with many of his points. I think that if a parent is at the park or somewhere else with their kid where they can multitask. It isn't as if the parent isn't watching their child at all, they are simply taking advantage of an opportunity to use their smartphone or tablet without their child grabbing at it. I feel as if the texting while parenting debate is just another thing for parents to judge each other one, which is something that will never end. If you text and still find a way to be a good parent, then good for you. I recently posted on the topic of different not being wrong, and I believe this is a perfect case of that.

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