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Monday, October 1, 2012
It seems like schools, kid's sports leagues, and other programs always go with the candy sale fundraiser. Has anybody ever stopped and thought that maybe this isn't the greatest idea? Samantha from Multiple Mayhem Mamma did just that in a recent blog post. I have to say that I agree with her sentiment on the topic and think that it is not a good idea. In a time where parents are too afraid to let their kids play outside alone we are still permitting fundraisers where kids go door to door and ask people to buy candy? I know sometimes parents can be over protective, but I just don't see how door to door selling by children can be deemed safe. School's set unreachable quotas for the children to reach, and its wrong to make kids feel inadequate when they can't reach a sales quota. Also, its safe to bet that a majority of the time parents end up selling the candy anyway, making their co-workers and friends all feel obligated to give them money for candy they don't need. I get that programs and schools need money to function, but I am pretty over the candy sale idea. Thanks to Samantha for making me aware of this on her blog!

Read the original article here: Should Kids Be Selling Chocolates Door to Door as Part of School Fundraising? 

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