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Monday, October 15, 2012
If you would like to spend a little more time with your child and enjoy some beautiful fall weather, then you should consider walking home from school with them. If this is not something you can possibly do that is okay. Work and other tasks get in the way of fun activities like this that all parents would surely love to be able to do. Even if it isn't after school, maybe a little walk before dinner or on a weekend could be fun. It is an amazing time of year to spend outside, and you can teach your child a lot about the changing seasons. Recently over at The Educators' Spin on It they blogged about going on walks after school or at a more convenient time, and what they did to learn and have fun on their walk. I thought the post was really cool and presented a good idea to spread further. Picking up your child from school is a nice thing to do if you are capable of it. If you can meet them outside of school and walk home in a relatively short amount of time, that is even better!

Read the post here: The Advantages of Walking Home After School Together

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