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Friday, October 5, 2012
If your family has both parents working jobs, like many do, and the kids are in school it is vital that somebody pay attention to their school work. Children need reinforcement and help on things like homework on a daily basis. A recent post on Playground Dad gave some great tips on how parents can remain involved with their children, even if their time together is limited. If you want to make your child's day, write them a quick note and slip it in their lunch box before school. A simple gesture such as this can keep them aware of your love and care. When you come home from work, leave the computer and smart phone away until they are in bed. Take some time and ask them how their day was or what they learned at school that day? Kids, especially younger ones, love to tell you all the fun things they learned. Lastly, before your child goes to sleep at night make a point to check through their homework from the day. A quick fifteen minute read through can ensure that your child is doing good work, and also keeps you up to date on what is going on in the classroom. Little things like this can keep you a much better informed parent. 

Read the full article here: 3 Ways Dads Can Help

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